10 word love stories

Rosemary Olsen

Boy sees girls. Girl sees boy. Different trains pull away. Rob Cooper

For her, his wire heart. For him, her penny dropped! Louise Studd

Come and drink some tea on my blanket. Louise Studd

You're like an angel that came down and saved me. Tania Swift

They met on a crowded street. "I'm really into you". Tania Swift

a glass put down lightly, water on lips, and yours. Hayley Wright

We built, breathed tender fury, fades versifier our technicolour postcard. Kate Slipper

*Blushes* I bury my head in her pillow and dream. Ruby Thurston

"What's love?"
"Millions of butterflies inside your tummy!"
"fuck me!" Laura Laura

ok, I think I have the hang of this now... Dave Lane

He gave her wings...trusting she'd not fly away. Sister Mary Lisa

Your power haunts me. I am yours to master. Sister Mary Lisa

"Get out of my bedroom!" she screamed to his memory. Sister Mary Lisa

He accepted she didn't need him. That's why she stayed. Sister Mary Lisa

He loves me as long as I'm the perfect woman. Sister Mary Lisa

Naked. Wrinkled. Content. Together still after seventy years. Sister Mary Lisa

She held her daughter's hand, until the woman emerged ~ grown. Sister Mary Lisa

Gone an hour, gone a day, still thrilled I'm home. Sister Mary Lisa

she hollow
he full

he howls
her fall

her him. Mark Goodwin

A love story: I always pray to die before you. Mandana Thompson

he loves her why?
for knowing
what loneliness never understood. Jonathon Thornhill

the moment i met you it felt like never before. Abbie Hunt

'James. You make me happy, calm. This has completed me'. Anya Jaeckel

1) Climbed drainpipe, clutching vodka, fell thru window, our eyes met. Janie Pyne

2) Fire escape: love declared, tears shed, knickers lost, both barred. Janie Pyne

"you lit my flame" "I twirl within your fire again." Victoria Brooke

i still yearn for that feeling. Amy Russell

the line has now gone blue, we should get married? Lolly Miller

It was one of those whirlwind
obvious. Tom Dalby

After all of our talk we shouldn’t have tried it. Tom Dalby

When 1 and 1 add up to more than 2. Tom Dalby

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